Hire a minibus with driver- stay together, safe and sound

Minibus hire Glasgow & Edinburgh with chauffeur

Hire a minibus with driver for Glasgow & Edinburgh nights out

Forget clubbing together for taxis and figuring out who travels in which car – stay together from the start.  It may be cheaper than you think to hire a chauffeur driven minibus to collect you from a single point and take you all together in to Glasgow or Edinburgh.  You’ll be:

  • together,
  • safe,
  • warm and
  • dry.

Wear whatever! Because at the end of the night your minibus with driver will be waiting.  No more standing in taxi queues freezing!

Hire a minibus for group tours or shopping

In a 7 seater Mercedes that’s stylish and comfortable you can tour the city sights, or travel further afield across Scotland.  We can organise individual tours and itineraires.  Alternatively you could go shopping, Glasgow’s Buchanan Street is after all the UK’s second shopping mecca outside London.  No matter what you or your companions buy, there will be more than enough room for all your bags.

Use a chauffeured minibus for corporate roadshows

Keep you team together and brush up on your presentation en route.  Arrive relaxed and ready to be productive.  Conduct the meeting post mortem on the journey back, while you still have your team together.

Why would you hire a minibus with driver?

The reasons are endless and range from wedding events to retirements, like Jim and Catherine who gathered a group of friends together to celebrate Catherine’s retirement from 20+ years as a primary teacher.

Whatever your reason, we’d be happy to take your call on 01236 750418 and discuss your requirements.  Don’t worry if you haven’t used a chauffeur service before, we  know all about it so you don’t have to.